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I’ve had Lyme’s disease symptoms since I was 13 years old. I went over a year with no diagnoses. When I finally got diagnosed I went through 3 rounds of treatment about 1 year. Each time only made me feel better shortly. I came to Karen after a medicine make me very sick. Karen gave me recommendations. After a few weeks fuse I was feeling better. Less than 6 months later I was off all medicines. I’m feeling great again and have been for almost 6 months.


I went to Karen’s for help with my breathing and my asthma. Karen recommended Respiratory Cleanse and Pollen Hayfever. I have not needed an asthma treatment for 6 months. Before it was at least 1x per week - sometimes more.


Cuchara de Plata!!! I have used this amazing stuff about 4-6 times to combat Mastitis. I didn’t want to keep getting antibiotics every single time I came down with it, so I took the recommended dosage of 1 tsp 3 times daily, and within a day I was feeling all better again! I know keep it stocked with my medicines, and I don’t travel without it. Thanks to Karen for introducing me to this wonderful stuff!!

Daniela W.

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