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Cuchara de Plata

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

One of nature’s most wonderful gifts. Silver has been shown to kill 650 known bacteria, viruses and fungi, or every single organism they have put into a petri dish. There are even studies showing that silver will kill even drug resistant bacteria.

How does it kill? Simply put it kills mechanically, and not biologically, like your typical antibiotics. So, you can never build up a resistance to silver.

The silver we have chosen to sell is Cuchara de Plata. We picked this one and got rid of 4 other brands because this silver is chelated using Fulvic Acid.

To chelate something means to make it absorbable by your body. Like Magnesium Chelate; this means that the magnesium has been put in a human digestible form. If you just dug a hunk of magnesium out of the ground you could not digest it. It would go through your digestive track and come out the other end NEVER have been used by the cells that needed it. Many people have had this experience with prescription Iron. Gas, bloating and constipation, all because the iron in those pills are not in the form needed to be processed by our bodies.

Fulvic Acid is another fabulous entity all on its own. It has so many health building and healing properties! For instance it enhances cell permeability. That is a fancy way of saying it allows Cuchara de Plata to move in and out of the cells. This is very important because a lot of organisms like to hide in places that the antibiotics find hard to remove. Diseases like herpes, shingles, lymes and more can all be recurrent, coming back time after time because of the organism’s ability to live somewhere in the body that the antibiotics can not access. The Fulvic Acid in Cuchara de Plata allows the silver to enter into all the cells and kill whatever is hiding there.

As important as that is, the Fulvic Acid continues to do its job in helping that cell to heal. It removes pollutants, restores electrolyte balance, removes free radicals and promotes healing on a cellular level.

For more information, visit or call us at Karen’s Natural Market. Have a happy, healthy day!

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