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Life after Disease

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Sometimes it’s hard to think that there will ever be quality of life after some serious illness has debilitated you. Like smoke, the illness envelopes your life, sucking the joy out of living. So, you go about your daily life, just enduring the work and effort it takes to do everything but not enjoying anything. This is the story of one young girl’s battle to regain life’s joy.

When she was just a little one, 1 ½ years old, she was hospitalized with a ‘Reactive Airway Disease’ which they thought might be viral. She survived but never seemed to have the endless strength and stamina most children have to run and play and be silly.

When she was nine she contracted walking pneumonia. Her mom recalls she was treated for four months, but just never seemed to rebound. She had trouble with her knee swelling, tummy aches, sinus congestion and dehydration, but mostly she just didn’t feel good, all the time!

Something would go around the school, like the flu, and everyone else would recover in a couple of days, but sometimes it was weeks before this little girl was back at school.

When I worked with her the first time, she didn’t smile, her skin coloring was pale and ashen and she was in pain. I balanced a lot of her meridians. We added Cuchara de Plata, probiotics and minerals to her regimen. The cuchara de plata was added because of her history with lung infections. Lots of viral infections never go away, they just hide somewhere warm and welcoming in the body. Herpes and shingles like the nerves. Lyme Disease likes the lymph nodes and the brain, yeast likes so many places, take your pick. The probiotics were added to repair the long term damage antibiotics might have caused and to reestablish a healthy intestinal flora. The minerals were added because they help everything else work better.

We tested her meridians for weaknesses caused by food, her room and her toys. Things that tested badly were either removed, meridian fixed or repaired using vinegar, baking soda or sea salt.

When something has really caused the health of a body to crash, like the last straw on the camel’s back, you can’t always remove that straw. The best you can do is remove other straws, lightening the load enough for the camel (or your body’s good health) to get up and go again.

I am so happy to report that the little girl is feeling so much better! Her mother said she has become ‘a fiery’ child ‘who is feeling her oats!’ Her report card came last week and for the first time in so long she hadn’t missed a single day of school! That brought tears to her mother’s eyes. The whole family is feeling the joy this little one is showing by her happy smiles and impish ways.

From our archives.

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